Corfu Off the Map Gallery

These photographs show many of the locations featured in the ebook.
The pictures are cross-referenced to the page where the location appears.
Click images to enlarge.

Olive oil soap at the Patounis factory.
See page 6.

A "real" shop in the Jewish Quarter.
See page 8.

Archway in Sinarades.
See page 10.

Old mansion above Nissaki.
See page 11.
Ruined houses in Old Perithia.
See page 13.

Street in Hlomos.
See page 14.

'Sunset View' near Afionas.
See page 15.

The "Green" village square in Agios Ioannis.
See page 17.

A corner in Giannades.
See page 20.
The Skordilis Mansion in Old Perithia.
See page 22.

Archway in Pelekas.
See page 23.
Agios Ilias Chapel.
See page 30.
Pantokrator Chapel near Stavros.
See page 31.

The Crusaders' Tower (Dandalo).
See page 32.
Saint George Church near Aleimatades.
See page 33.
Arkoudillas Beach.
See page 34.

Juniper Forest on the Korission Dunes.
See page 35.
Akoli Lagoon.
See page 36.
Typical street in Corfu Town.
See page 41.

Pirate's Cove near Afionas.
See page 42.
The 'Dragon Door' on a church near Strinilas.
See page 44.
Mansion in Klimatia.
See page 46.

Limni Beach near Liapades.
See page 49.
Cave near Agios Mattheos.
See page 54.
The canalised river at Lefkimmi.
See page 25.

Skyrian foals at the Silva Project.
See page 71.
Church of Jason and Sossipatros, Garitsa.
See page 76.
The Medusa in the Archaeological Museum.
See page 79.

Frescoes at the ruined church of Taxiarchis.
See page 82.
A village corner - as featured in 'Corfu Sketches'.
See page 89.


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